BoDean Asphalt Plant chimney near homes and schools

BoDean Asphalt Plant chimney near homes and schools

Citizens for Safe Neighborhoods is a grassroots organization that is looking to improve the quality of life for Santa Rosa’s downtown neighborhoods. You can donate by using paypal or write a check to “Citizens for Safe Neighborhoods” P.O. Box 3964 Santa Rosa, CA 95402

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What’s At Stake

State law requires that projects that may have a significant impact on the surrounding area must complete an EIR first. The Santa Rosa Planning Commission did not require the BoDean Asphalt Company to complete this type of study and called the three new 82 foot silos a minor repair. CFSN appealed the Santa Rosa Planning Commission decision to the Santa Rosa City Council and the appeal was denied on a 4-3 vote.

Time & Research

CFSN members have worked hours and hours doing research on the BoDean Asphalt Company and hired legal counsel to help out. They have also donated thousands of personal funds to pay for appeal fees, public documents, expert witness and legal fees for letters to the City of Santa Rosa.

Lawsuit Preparation

Citizens for Safe Neighborhoods filed a lawsuit with the So Co Superior Court against the City of Santa Rosa for allowing the new facility without an environmental review in 2012. CFSN lost that case and now has appealed Judge Daum’s ruling to State court. We have to have our court papers turned in by December 17, 2014. We need to raise $8,000.00 right now to keep the case moving forward.

Working Toward a Toxic-Free Future

Please join us and invest in our goal of making Santa Rosa’s downtown neighborhoods free of toxic chemical emissions, dust, round the clock operations, noise, and increased truck traffic from the BoDean asphalt plant. This will be a long and important fight for Santa Rosa. We will be up against a powerful group of very well funded attorneys.

Please we need your help. Donate to CFSN and join the fight for safe neighborhoods:

Your Help Matters

Learn more about why we need help or contact us for more information on what you can do.

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